Michel Chan Sui Ko

A word from our CEO

The Mauritian economy has been steadily growing in the past decade, and is keeping pace today. And since a growing economy means growing businesses, the need for office space increases every year. Nexteracom started in 2008 to cater for such demand.
Let me share our story with you, one of Risk, hard work...and a bit of luck.


In 2006, the congestion in Port Louis had reached a problematic level. By 2008, we chose to take on a major challenge during a worldwide financial crisis and develop large office spaces in Ebene Cybercity, which was still finding its feet. We launched the three Nexteracom towers in early 2010 and had to persevere through a sceptical market to finally break even on a Rs.1.5 billion project, 3 years later. Today, these same towers are at 98% occupancy and are a landmark in the Cybercity

Since Nexteracom, we have been fortunate enough to follow through with more projects. The construction of the Maeva towers began in 2012 for launch in 2014. Nex, our 5th project, was recently completed in September 2018, with high occupancy rates for both developments.

NEX Tower
Buildings owned by Michel Chan and Nextracom

Our reputation with our clients stems not only from our structures and Ebene’s high market value. We believe in investing, not only financially but also our time and passion in our work with our partners. We provide full services to our tenants, from fittingout to maintenance and repairs. Being in the BPO and financial sectors, our clients work around the clock, 24/7, including during public holidays and rough weather. Our team is always on call to fix any last minute issues and ensure all of their needs are met. In recent years, Ebene has become a victim of its own success, with congestion causing major problems during peak hours. Thankfully, the Ebene Regeneration Plan has been set in motion by Landscope Ltd to restructure and decongest the area. The construction of a parking tower has begun together with 500 decentralised parking spots in the plans. To free up the roads within the Cybercity, hawkers have also been redirected from the roads to a dedicated area. Finally, significant landscaping and drain coverage plans have started to raise the aesthetics and standards of the Ebene Cybercity.

Our force

Our Team

With the strong backup of an excellent team on our side and the trust that our partners have placed in us, our outlook on the future can only be positive. We look to the next few years with great enthusiasm and faith that the Cybercity is set to become the central business hub of Mauritius in the next decade.

Our management team are here to value your trust and offer you tailored premium assistance and services for your property.


We offer investors an array of development opportunities and investment in the real estate industry in Mauritius.


We have a dedicated team of building maintenance and cleaning. This include an array of services, all for the comfort and quality our residents and customers deserve.

And you are determined to make your work life be what you want it to be! We get it and accompany you in offering the best professional office spaces and properties services in Mauritius
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