Nexteracom Services  Ltd


Nexteracom Services  Ltd is a property management company with more than 150,000 square metre of office and commercial spaces located in Port Louis and Ebene under its management. The company also undertakes property development projects for its clients and is currently overseeing an office development in Ebene of 39,000 square metres with an investment value of more than Rs1 billion.

Michel Chan CEO of Nexteraccom

The company is led by Michel Chan Sui Ko who has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of property development and management. He has a team of 35 staff who provide services from conception of projects to delivery and ongoing management of the properties upon completion, including inter alia the following aspects:


  • Design, planning and initial setting up of project;
  • Financial and technical feasibility studies of projects;
  • Assistance in raising of finance whether in the form of equity, project or debt financing;
  • Ongoing management of project site works from implementation to delivery;
  • Marketing and promotion of project;
  • Provision of Syndic services.
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With the strong backup of an excellent team on our side and the trust that our partners have placed in us, our outlook on the future can only be positive. We look to the next few years with great enthusiasm and faith that the Cybercity is set to become the central business hub of Mauritius in the next decade.

Our management team are here to value your trust and offer you tailored premium assistance and services for your property.


We offer investors an array of development opportunities and investment in the real estate industry in Mauritius.


We have a dedicated team of building maintenance and cleaning. This include an array of services, all for the comfort and quality our residents and customers deserve.

And you are determined to make your work life be what you want it to be! We get it and accompany you in offering the best professional office spaces and properties services in Mauritius
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Nexteracom Property Consultants have a wide range of premium properties and office spaces to offer. Click on the link below to learn more.